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Paralela Literara Intre Luceafarul Si Riga Crypto (Final 2022)

The Paralela Literara Intre Luceafarul Si Riga Crypto is the fourth part of the Tripple series written by Daniel Thawngzauk. Reach me via email at Daniel.Thawngzauk@gmail.com Pragmata This post is meant to be free. However if you want to support my writing, please feel free to donate. I’ll be all smiles. Public money laundering (PML) and dirty money are the biggest problems of our time. We need to stop dirty money flowing through the world financial system and institutions. Just imagine what is the scope of the problem: Millions of people across the world are battling to survive. The human race is suffering from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. It is estimated that the annual market value of global luxury brands, such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci, is worth $200 billion. Based on today’s national and global economic conditions, it is estimated that the annual financial fraud amounting to several billion dollars in China, is not so low. There is no financial system. There are no clear rules. There is no law. There is no central government. There is no justice. There is no democracy. Almost everyone in the world is a victim of the money laundering industry. The UK government is only interested in reforming the banks and their money laundering practices. However, it is difficult to enforce bank reforms with a vast and powerful financial sector. And there is a method to fight money laundering. PML stands for “Public money laundering” and it is the most effective way to fight corruption in a financial system. PML is a good way to combat large-scale money laundering. In most cases, where a large amount of illegal money is involved, the laundering is done in a non-standard way. This is where PML comes in. If you think that corrupt institutions should be prosecuted, PML would be the best way to do it. Let’s assume that we have a corrupt bank. We want to prosecute it. We have to convince a court to believe that this bank is corrupt. It is not easy, but we have a great chance of making it happen. It is easy to prevent such a conviction because there are few records

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